About Tool Share(ts)

What is ts?

Tools Share is an open marketplace for coaches created by coaches. Coaches can offer their own Tools Share to other coaches at a reasonable fee.

When is ts set up?

The idea for Tools Share is born in 2013. After a period of preparation are the programmers started working with setting up the online environment. From June 2014 is Tools Share accessible via the Beta version.

How much can I earn from the sales of my tools?

We pay 60% royalty on all your sales through st. You decide on the price for your tools and you have influence on the sales by promoting your coaching tools.

What means .beta?

.Beta means that Tools Share in the beta version runs. This version works fully and all actions on the Web site. The beta version indicates that we are developing the website even further. We would like feedback on the site. If you have a wish or you experience something is not working properly please give us feedback.

May each coach join ?

Tool share is an open market place, so anyone with interest in coaching can join. By joining you accept the general terms and conditions of ts.

What does it cost to become a member of ts?

There is no cost for membership of Tool Share connected. Tool Share is open and free.

I am not working as a coach, may  I use ts?

Tools Share has no restrictions and is for everyone, who is interested in coaching, to use.

How do I purchase and download the tools?

You can use the tools, both free and paid, order by the ordering procedure of the shop to go through. After the successful completion of the order process you can download the tools through your own account page (see the “my account” button in the main menu).

How can I contact support of ts?

Please read our online FAQ carefully. If you can’t find the answer to your question please contact our support department here.

Where can I find the terms and conditions of ts?

You can find the general terms and conditions for ts via the link at the bottom of each page.

My Account

How do I create a vendor account?

You can create an account from the main menu by clicking on ‘ register ‘. Think carefully about your username, this is no longer change afterwards. After creating your account you will need to log in. After logging in, click to activate your sales account sales on the link ‘ account activation ‘. This link is visible in the right column under the welcome text.

What is a vendor account?

A vendor account is an account that allows you to offer your own tools online via ts. the vendor account is free, we ask you only to offer at least one free tool also.

How do I log into my account?

You can log in to your account by clicking on ‘ login ‘ in the main menu.

I forgot my username or password, what should I do?

You can reset your password by clicking on ‘ login ‘ in the main menu. And then on ‘ forgot password ‘ button

How do I cancel my account?

Send a request for waiver of your account linked to your account, from the mail address and we will remove your account.

Can I change my account’s email address?

Log in to your account. Drag your pointer at the top right of the screen on your username and click on ‘ My profile ‘. Halfway through this page you will find the option to adjust your mail address.

Can I change my username?

No, a once chosen user name can not be changed afterwards.

How do I change my password?

Log in to your account. Drag your pointer at the top right of the screen on your username and click on ‘ My profile ‘. Halfway through this page you will find the option to change your password.

I have a PayPal account in order to buy or sell products?

No, you can purchase products both through Paypal and creditcard. We pay your earnings via Paypal, but you can already start selling before you have created a Paypal account.

General technical questions

What can I do if downloading a product fails?

Usually it is a problem with downloading temporary nature, such as a broken internet connection or your browser crashes causing the download is interrupted. Refresh your browser and try the download again after a few minutes.

Below you can find more specific information related to commonly used browsers:

You can also try clicking with the right mouse button on the download link to save the file to your PC or Mac. If the download ultimix not work please contact our support, we will help you like.

What if I cannot open the file?

First check whether the file has been downloaded completely. Downloading large files can vary depending on the size and the speed of your internet connection take longer to complete.

When the file after the download is complete do not want to open. Make sure that you try to open the file with the right application:

  • To be opened by a ‘ unziptool serve Zipfiles ‘ such as Winzip
  • PDF-files can be opened with programs such as Acrobat Reader
  • Word files should be opened with Microsoft Word
  • Pages files should be opened with Pages (Mac)

When nothing works please contact our support at then search we together to and resolution.

Allow us and the seller of the tool the ability to resolve the situation before you give a negative review on the product.

I can not find the answer to my question, what now?

If you can’t find the answer to your question here please contact our support department here.

Vendors Manual

My vendor account

What is a vendor on Tools Share?

A vendor is a user who in addition to the purchases of tools also offer online tools via ts. To be able to sell you only have a vendor account. A vendor account is easy to set up and is free.

How do I create a vendor account?

At registration: After registering you will have instant access to your selling account.

Why do I need a free tool offer?

The free tools is to promote your shop. Your potential customers can see what quality you deliver and make the step to becoming a tool of your purchase easier.

I have a sales account but just want to buy tools, what should I do?

When you have created a sales account but would rather not want to sell tools, then you can send an email to coachingtool@icloud.com from the email address linked to you with the request for your account to convert to a ‘ customer account ‘.

My Products

How do I add a product to my ct-shop?

For this Act you have a sales account and you need to be logged in.

  • From the main menu, click on the button with ‘Vendors dashboard’
  • Click on the link directly below the heading ‘add a product/tool’

You are now on the page ‘ product-append ‘

enter the following information:

Product naam

Geef een korte duidelijke naam voor je product

Product omschrijving

Geef in het eerste grote tekstvak een omschrijving van je tool. Vertel wat je tool precies is en hoe een coach deze tool in kan zetten

Product gegevens

Wanneer je een downloadbare tool aanbiedt dan dien je het vakje ‘downloadbaar’ aan te vinken. En geef hier de prijs van je tool en een eventuele promotie prijs op.

Na het aanvinken van het vakje ‘downloadbaar’ verschijnt de knop bestand toevoegen. Via deze knop kun je je bestand(en) van je tool uploaden.

Korte product omschrijving

Geef hier een korte omschrijving van hoe je tool wordt aangeleverd. Is de tool makkelijk aanpasbaar? In welke bestandsformaten lever je je tool aan?

For example, “Simple to add your own company name. The files are provided in a .zip file. The document is provided in PDF, Word and Pages. ‘

Product categories

tick one or more relevant categories. Your product is in the shop in these categories.

Note: your product Is not covered by any of the existing categories, please contact us via the support page and do a request to create a new product category.

Product Tags

The tags help the findability of your tool. Enter tags with the theme of your tool.

Examples of tags: ‘ assertiveness ‘, ‘ leadership ‘, ‘ application ‘ etc.

Product Gallery

Here you can one or more photos/pictures of your upload tool. These images appear on the product page under the large product image (The highlighted)

Featured image

Upload a picture/image of your tool. This image will appear on the product page and if thumbnail overview pages at all. Minimal 500px by 500px

How can I link to another product?

Go through the main menu to ‘ my products ‘. Open up your product/tool from which you want to link. Click the box with the product information on the tabblad’gerelateerde products ‘ there are two methods to link:

  1. Up-sell, products that you recommend as an alternative to the current product.
  2. Cross-sell, products that you recommend based on the purchase of the current product

Click for both methods on the input box behind the link method and enter the product number or start typing the product name. Under the input field appears, as soon as a match is found, a list of products.

Hoe verwijder ik een product?

Ga via het hoofdmenu naar ‘mijn producten’. Beweeg in de lijst met producten de muis over het te verwijderen product. De acties voor het product verschijnen nu. Klik nu op de optie ‘prullenbak’ en het product wordt direct verwijderd.

What do I do if my product consists of multiple files?

You can upload the files one by one (see how do I add a product to my ct-shop?). When your multi-file tool you might want to compress the files with a tool like Winzip. Such a tool places all files in a single file. This is easier for the buyer of the tool.

How can I promote my products?

On the site: you can promote your products/tools on the site by an informative to write guest blog in which you go to the tool refers. In this guest blog, you can also refer to your own website, but just make sure it’s informative and not on the reader comes across as pure advertising. Refer to your guest blog via social media (e.g. facebook, twitter, linkedin etc.).

Off site:

  1. Place links to your tools in your timeline at the social media (e.g. facebook, twitter, linkedin etc.).
  2. Write guest blogs for other sites in which you’re referring to your products/tools.
  3. Mention your tool in your own mailing list and newsletter

My shop

How much will I earn to the sell of my tools?

You earn 60% royalty on all tools sold by you. The price for the tools determined by yourself and you have influence on the sales by promoting your tools.

How much should I charge for my products/tools?

How much you want to charge for your products/tools is completely to yourself. Think carefully about which problem solves your tool for the buyer and what this solution is worth. Keep in mind that you can make a profit carefully to deal with determining your prices. Don’t underestimate the value of your tools, but also not your tools from the market price. You earn 60% fee on all sold tools.

Sell directly in my sellers appear my dashboard?

After confirmation of payment by the buyer is the sale immediately visible in your seller dashboard when I get my winnings paid out?

We pay the balance monthly on the 10th working day via PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can just sign up for an account at PayPal.com and you give us your PayPal email address when you have one, but you can already start. You can track your sales performance real time in your sales dashboard.

My custumors

What if my buyer is not happy with his/her purchase?

In the case that it is a technical problem, you may contact your buyer requests for our support department. Is there any other reason why you buyer is not satisfied then we will assess if your buyer qualifies for ‘ money back guarantee ‘.

What should I do if my buyer has a technical question?

In the case that it is a technical problem, you can contact your buyer requests for our support department.

My buyer has right to ‘ money back guarantee ‘?

Yes, when your buyer has a technical question, you can contact support at your buyer to take requests. Is there any other reason why you buyer is not satisfied then we will assess if your buyer qualifies for ‘ money back guarantee ‘.

Can I get my buyers email addresses?

No, related to the privacy rules we must not pass on email addresses.



My question is not between the Q&A’s

Do you have a question please read the above faq list carefully. If your question is not listed here please fill in the following form and we will contact you within 1 business day. We aim to respond within two hours but guarantee a response within 1 working day.