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Product Description

Values and underlying beliefs are the drivers of our behaviour. If our goals are not aligned to our values, it is unlikely that we will remain committed to them in long term. Sometimes it is not easy to realise what our real values and underlying beliefs are because they are hidden in our unconscious. We might like to think that we have certain values but in our unconscious the real values may be different that this could be a cause for a conflict. The first step in transformation is self awareness, and this means discovering our values and beliefs. Awareness about values and beliefs would help you to find out: What triggers various emotions in me? What drives me in life? What excites me? Why do I behave the way I do.

This tool attempts to help you finding your values. This is not an automatic tool which will churn out the values for you in the end. We expect that once you answer all the questions, and read them a few times, it will give you insights to list your true values.


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I help leaders and their teams to recognise this internal source of happiness within themselves. Happy leaders are more effective and happy people working for them are more productive. The good news is that it is possible to learn and practice how to be more happy. My mission is to spread happiness by making people recognise their power to be happy in life and to live life energetically.