Your Ideal Clients for Your Coaching Practice

How to Identify and Target Your Ideal Clients for Your Coaching Practice


Have you ever stopped to think about who your ideal client is? When you’re getting started with a business, especially coaching, it can sometimes feel right to market your services to just about everyone. By doing this, you might believe that you’re going to have a better chance at securing a client.

The truth is, by marketing your services to everyone you’re actually harming your business and reducing your chances of securing a client. By the year of 2020, it’s expected that customer experience is going to be more important than both your product offering and price, combined. Find out who your ideal client is and how to target them, and you can provide them with a better experience.

In the sections below we’ll discuss how to identify and target your ideal clients for your coaching practice.


Who Is Your Ideal Client?

As mentioned above, marketing your services to everyone is a very bad choice to make. Instead, think about your ideal client i.e. someone who your business matches with perfectly. You should be able to offer the perfect solution to your client, and they should be willing to pay you what you need and adhere to your terms.

It can be hard to give advice about finding the ideal client, because this will differ from business to business, coach to coach. Take a look at the example below to get a general perspective on the approach you should take.

For example, a personal coach is going to be conducting one-to-one meetings more often than not, so their time is limited. It would be beneficial to find clients who are willing to pay generously, because time is one of the most important factors for a personal coach. By finding clients who are willing to pay twice as much, you’ve theoretically doubled your revenue without the need to dedicate more time to servicing your clients.

Think about the service you provide, and the type of person who will find a perfect solution from your service offering. Provide this person with a back-story, as if you’re creating a fiction book. It might sound a bit over-the-top, but you’ll really see improvements.


Making the Necessary Adjustments

Once you have identified your ideal clients, the next step is to target them. Chances are that if you have only just realized who your ideal client is, your business isn’t going to be properly optimized for targeting them.

Take some time away from the general day-to-day activities of your business if possible. Take a step back and think about what your ideal client is going to see when they look at your business—are they going to see the perfect solution to their problem, or just another bad experience?

It would be worthwhile to write down a list of the various qualities that you want your ideal client to have. Then, create a questionnaire filled with qualifying questions that you can ask clients to make sure they’re exactly what you’re looking for.

Here are a few general questions to get you started:

  • What are you hoping to achieve by using my/our services?
  • Have you tried other personal coaches before, and if so, why don’t you use their services anymore?
  • What made you choose me/us?


Closing Notes

Hopefully you now have a much better idea of how an ideal client is one of the most important elements for success for your coaching practice. You should also have a good idea of how you can identify and target your ideal client.

Always remember that when it comes to business, the experience that your client has is one of the most important factors of success. If just one of your clients has a bad experience that remains unresolved, it will take another 12 good experiences to make-up for the damage. Find your ideal client, target them properly, and you can provide them with the best possible experience.

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