Struggling finding customers? Ask yourself three simple questions


I can still remember that when I first started with my coaching practice, that I found it very difficult to crack down on saying that I could help people. The very idea gave me an uncomfortable feeling. Who was I to say I could help? It is not boastful about it? Or worse, I would not be laughed at if I the answer to a question not directly would know?

These thoughts and feelings are common among young coaches. And yet it is necessary to profile yourself as a coach.

You can sell yourself difficult with typical commercial pitches like: “I know all the answers to all your questions” you will see your ad for you: “I’m the best solution to your problem.”.


Do customers recognize you?

Positioning yourself as an expert is still important, because people want to work with an coach who understands what they are going through and they can guide you with the solution to their issue.

The problem is that you can often help people as a coach on a wider area than your direct expertise. You might find it difficult to make choices. You are afraid that you will loose a group of potential customers directly when you focus on one niche.

Take a look to your own communications. Is it clear how you can help people? Can anyone identify with your offering? When you dare to make no choice because you feel that everyone can be your customer, then ignore your an old marketing wisdom: if everyone is your client, then no-one is your customer. ‘


Choosing your niche a term used a lot lately, is to choose your ‘ niche ‘. Choosing your niche means that you have a clear picture of what problems you solve for your client and that you know who your customers are.


To choose your niche you can give yourself three questions:

  1. In what area my personal experience?
  2. What problems can I fix it?
  3. Who needs my solution?

If you want people to recognize you as their coach, then choose your niche and speak confidently about your expertise.

You have expertise in a specific area. People have specific problems and you know a solution. Win the confidence of your potential customers that you an be their guides in the resolution of their problem.


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