3 tips to stand out with personal branding

personal-brandingHow to differentiate you from other coaches in an apparently overcrowded market? To be visible in the market it is important to be able to differentiate yourself from your competition.

You can distinguish yourself by consciously working on personal branding. Yet, many coaches struggling with their personal branding. You too? Maybe these 3 personal branding tips can help you further.


Tip 1 know your target market

Know your target market and know at what problem you can support coachees. When you know your audience and your clients know the problems, then it is easier to communicate with your target audience.


Tip 2 Empathize

Coaches are often strong in empathize with others. Yet with personal branding  the mistake to think from your own perspective is easily quickly made. Move therefore in to the perspective of your client. How the customer will see me? Does my client understands what I mean? Does my client recognize the problems where I can support him?


Tip 3 turn your personal quality into your personal brand

Look for the qualities that you possess. The qualities that you’re proud off, the qualities which make you say: “Yes, that’s me”. Anyone can stand out on the market, because everyone is unique. But the trick is to find the right words. The words that you speak to your target group.

To find out what qualities you possess¬† you can send an email to a few close friends and ask them their opinion: “where am I good at and what makes me unique?” Compare the answers with the qualities you already have figured out and you know what unique points will make your personal brand stronger.

It might not be easy to brand yourself. But the energy that you invest into your personal brand will pay back when your customers recognize you as the solution to their problem. By personal branding the right way, you don’t have to chase behind your customer, but they themselves will come to you.