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Toolsshare.com is new and is born from the desire to along with fellow coaches to create a platform where coaches can offer their own coaching tools to colleagues at a fair price. In our own practice we often feel the need for new coachingtools. These tools we develop then mostly ourself. Not rarely disappears the developed tool, despite its value, in our digital archive. On the other hand, we also experienced that we develop a new tool regularly re-inventing the wheel and that this much time and energy costs.

In contact with friendly fellow coaches we showed here not only in it. That is why we lookup gone to a platform where we can offer our tools and tools of experienced colleagues can purchases. This platform proved not to exist. And the idea for Tool Share was born.

Are you a coach and have your original tools you can offer through Tools Share? Join us now and help us to make a success of Tools Share together!

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